Generator sets

Description of Generator Sets

Development, design, assembling, commissioning and maintenance of control cabinets as well as heavy current distribution-, switching panels for diesel-, gas engine driven generator sets, combined heat power plants.
Electric system installed into steel enclosures with typical construction as follows:

Enclosures with protection between IP 32 to IP 66 depending on the installation conditions and the specific requirements.

Control cabinet

The control cabinet based on the programmable function of digital logic devices (PLC), is designed to perform the functions of regulation, control and protection of power. Mounted in the door graphical operator panel allows local monitoring and management teams of manual processing.

Operation modes

  • Mains stand-by
  • Mains stand-by with uninterrupted switch back to mains
  • Mains parallel operation
  • Island operation of several generator sets


  • Speed control
  • Synchronization
  • Active power regulation
  • Reactive power regulation
  • Import-export power regulation
  • Heat energy management, temperature regulation
  • Connected cooling-heating equipment (e.g. absorption air-conditioner)


  • Complete engine protection
  • Complete generator protection
  • Additional mains parallel protection system

Auxiliary control cabinet

This cabinet is a distribution board controlling all auxiliary equipment needed for the operation of the generator set with short-circuit protected output circuits. Main parts: relays, contactors, breakers, frequency converters.
The auxiliary part is integrated into the central control cabinet in case of simple applications.

Heavy current switchboard

The heavy current cabinet provides the power interface between the generator and the consumers or the mains. Suitable rated contactor or circuit breaker manages the heavy current connection.
The power switch usually equipped with overload and short-circuit cover protection as well. Auxiliary parts: bus bar system and/or direct cable connection with side, top or bottom inlet according to the demand.