Diesel locomotives


We developed our first locomotive control system in 1995 for the refurbishment - modernization of A25 series shunting locomotive of Tisza Chemical Group. We considered the ideal alignment between engine speed and the traction excitation gaining optimized traction performance and engine fuel consumption with top priority.
The Complex Locomotive Control System delivered in large quantities to the Hungarian Railways for the modernization of their M44, M62 and M41 series locomotives provides the complete auxiliary control beyond the traction functions.
Our Tandem Locomotive Controls manage the one-driver-operation of the 2M62 twin-locomotives at the Lithuanian Railways.
The shunting locomotives for Russian UGMK Holding manufactured by SHAAZ company were designed according to the local specific (extreme temperature, mining) requirements.

Typical construction

De-centralized digital control system interconnected
with high speed communication link.
  • Driver’s desks, side „A” and „B” (manual controls)
  • Main control cabinet (engine - generator control)
  • Auxiliary control cabinet (handling of the auxiliary equipment)
  • Instrumental panels (on-site local electric - temperature - pressure measurements)


  • Diesel engine: speed, temperature, pressure
  • Traction generator: electric and temperature values
  • Auxiliary generator: electric and temperature values
  • Cooling system: levels, temperature values
  • Transmission: temperature, pressure


  • Diesel engine
  • Traction and/or auxiliary generator
  • Traction, reversing, braking
  • Electric auxiliary system
  • Cooling-, ventilation fans
  • Compressor
  • Lighting
  • Air conditioner, cabin heater
  • Auxiliary generator set, pre-heater equipment


  • Diesel engine speed
  • Auxiliary voltage
  • Traction generator excitation, starting current, traction power
  • Cooling fans
  • Ventilation fans


  • Diesel engine: speed, temperature, pressure
  • Traction: starting current limitation, slipping, sliding
  • Traction generator: complex electric and temperature
  • Auxiliary generator: complex electric and temperature
  • Traction motors: complex electric and temperature
  • Hydraulic transmission: temperature, pressure
  • Electric or hydraulic auxiliary system
  • Fire alarm system


  • 10,4” size, color, touch-controlled operator panel built onto the driver’s desk
  • Displaying of operation conditions, signals, analog measurements
  • Warning, limitation, failure and emergency signals


  • Black-box function
  • Discrete event and failure logging with time stamping
  • Aperture controlled analogue trending
  • Assist in after-event monitoring and failure investigation
  • Data storage on SSD and/or static FlashROM memory
  • Ethernet and/or Bluetooth connection to operator’s notebook