Energy management systems


The electric power management system ensures the seamless operation of the facility forming a proper schematic network image including the priority control of the internal consumers by monitoring the availability and requested sequencing of the mains feeders as well as the possible power limitation of each.

The completion of the basic standby control with the energy management results optimal power rating of the diesel generator set(s).
The heat energy management has important role at cogeneration applications.


Programmable logical controller (PLC) installed into control cabinet(s). The degree of protection is between IP 32 and IP 66 according to the on-site conditions, the general and specific regulations.

Control functions

  • Mains connection designation, automatic mains interchange
  • Power limitation in peak-time
  • Sequential start-stop of generator sets
  • Consumer limitation - rejection with priority
  • Seasonal, weekly and daily controls
  • Heating - cooling system control


  • Mains import – export power
  • Combined electric and heat balancing
  • Local temperature control
  • Heating – cooling heat exchangers circulating pumps