Turbine controls


Our company contracted for the design – manufacturing and commissioning works of the control for twin turbines ordered by Consolidated Hydro (Ontario, Canada) in 1990.
The turbine controls were completely tested after manufacturing in Hungary, the commissioning was made in the summer of 1991. After half a year a software update was managed according to the operational experiences and the power plant is in continuous operation excluding the periodic maintenances since then.

The renewal of the recuperation turbine in Vértes Power Plant brought the demand for the modernization of the turbine control system. According to the progress of the refurbishment works the turbine was set into operation in the spring of 1996.
Our steam turbine controls installed meanwhile were developed on similar construction.


Digital process control system installed into cabinet having protection between IP 54 and IP 66 according to the local conditions and requirements.


  • Operation mode
  • Start – operation - stop
  • Generator circuit breaker
  • Water gate


  • Speed control
  • Water level control
  • Flow control
  • Guide vane – runner blade coordination
  • Steam pressure regulation


  • Complex turbine and generator protection:
  • Overspeed, gear oil pressure, bearing temperature, directional power, tail water level
  • Short-circuit, overload, voltage, frequency, differential