Description of Activities

Our company is interested to fulfill our customer’s demand primarily with special, individually designed, tailor-made applications typically in relatively smaller amounts. Our technical solutions are based on programmable logical controllers (PLC) respectively special industrial so-called functional control units.

Initially we had designed mains stand-by and mains parallel operated diesel generator set regulation–control systems for our partners undertaking the on-site commissioning as well.

The first digital control system developed, designed and programmed by ourselves was delivered to Ontario Hydro Ltd (Canada) for controlling a twin-hydroelectric power plant working on Marmora Dam. The subsequent controls for recuperation hydropower plants furthermore for smaller steam-turbine generators were based onto similar technical solutions.

Over the years we continuously expanded our activities and now we provide complete and complex services, prior to customer surveys through development-design engineering, onwards to manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair.

The increasingly high level technical demands experienced during the commissioning works moreover the customer requirements beyond the traditional diesel genset controls led us to develop our own Electric Energy Management system. These systems provide smart consumer management handling up to 32 different priority-level groups considering the current load balances and conditions in addition to the mains supervision and genset control.

At the beginning of the 1990s the Hungarian Government had begun to support the installation of combined heat and power plants (gas engine driven CHP plants) with favorable energy take-over pricing in order to increase the decentralized production capacity of electricity. Our specialists had participated in the realization of numerous applications. We undertook the control, regulation and protection refurbishment of several systems delivered previously by other companies.

The Complex Energy Management system combining together the electric and heat power facility control was designed with purpose for better return indicator of investment cost of the CHP plant. The speed control of the circulation pumps, the coordination of the cooler-heater equipment and operation on-demand of the emergency coolers and the regulation of the separate unit powers result optimal thermal utilization.

We had got in contact with Paks Nuclear Power Plant in 1992 associated with delivery of special rotating uninterrupted power supplies. Our cooperation went on by the new Complex Control and Monitoring System for the safety diesel generators at blocks 1-2 accomplished in parallel with the similar modernization within Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant in Slovakia. Meanwhile the control replacements at blocks 3-4 were performed too. The delivered systems combine the latest technology with the highest reliability requested in the nuclear power plants.

The previous diesel genset applications provided the technical basis of our Locomotive Controls. There are nearly three hundred diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives running in many countries of Europe with our LoControl system onboard.
We completed our scope of supply with entire mechanical and electrical design – designer’s supervision – commissioning and maintenance of diesel locomotives.